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What can you do with SecureLogin

At SecureLogin, we help over 300 accountancy firms to improve access to online applications by making it easer, more controlled and above all more secure. Besides our single sign-on capabilities, we are also provide a platform for collaboration between accountants and their customers.

Single sign-on – 600+ applications

We connect to over 600+ online applications. Get a grip on your usernames and passwords!

Share declarations with customers

We retrieve the declarations from the source applications so you can sent them towards your customers.

Pay your tax

Pay your tax easy using iDEAL! Together with the Belastingdienst we made it possible to pay your VAT using iDEAL.

Annual reports

Sent the documents for publication to your customers and we will sent them to the chamber of commerce.

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Share declarations with customers

What our customers say

Jamie Allen

“The SecureLogin team have helped us take our cloud accounting offering to a new level. Not only do they provide a valuable and safe service to our client but they also provide valuable insights into how we can improve and challenge the way that we work and interact with our clients.”

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